How To Generate Appointments, Live Transfers & In Person Showings For Your Real Estate Business in 2023

Without posting on social media every day, without learning how to build CRMs and without needing to reinvent the wheel...

How To Get Appointments, Live Transfers & In Person Showings

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We Help You Get Appointments, Live Transfers & In Person Showings With Our


We PERSONALLY work with you One-On-One in your Real Estate Business to Help You Generate Appointments, Live Transfers & In Person Showings for your business...

The 3 Machines™️ For Real Estate Business Growth

Fill The Funnel™️

We generate you geo-targeted and exclusive leads and implement The Appointment Engine™️ using TikTok, FB, Insta & Google ads to help you build brand/credibility online. We also circle prospect/dial for you to help create a multitude of 1st conversations to help you go from unknown to a known authority in the online/offline space.

Lifetime Nurture™️

We create a Lifetime Nurture™️ system for you with up to four years of automated text and email nurture, including three methods we call Deal Of The Week™️, Email Sprinkler & Market Update Nurture™️, as well as a Dedicated Inside Sales Agent To Call, Text & Email Your Leads to stay top of mind and to book appointments, send you live transfers and set in person showings.

The Conversion Model™️

We work with you to implement the Dedicated Appointment Engine in your business. We hire, onboard, train and retain a dedicated virtual sales assassin that will dial your leads to send you live transfers and book you appointments. We also manage your IDX/Property Search system in order to get you into more in person showings so that you can do what you do best, sell more homes.

In Simple Terms... Here Is What We Do:

If you have a database we help you set live appointments. If you don’t have a database we help you build a database and then set you live appointments.


What Call Center Qualification Looks Like - You Will Know Prior To The Transfer

What type of property are they looking for: Houses or Condos? Is this property to live in, invest or vacation

Do they currently own a home

Are you already working with an agent? (if YES, they agent will not book)

You will be able to set your minimum budget that you are looking to work with

You will know the leads important criteria and why it's important to them

You will know their ideal square feet of property

You will know if they have been pre-approved or not

How many bedrooms & bathrooms they need

You will know how soon they are looking to buy or sell

What A Few Of Our Clients Say

Cody May, CEO at Sheridan St.

Cody is an expert at paid advertising, sales and communications, and coaches entrepreneurs and real estate agents on those topics. Cody’s mission is to help over 1 million entrepreneurs and real estate agents experience passion and exuberant energy in both their personal and professional lives. He is the CEO of the marketing agency Sheridan St., Co-Founder of The Real Estate Growth Academy Coaching Program, Co-Author of the Amazon Best Selling book “What If You Could? The Mindset & Business Blueprint for Your Life of Purpose”, and Co-Host of the RE Agent podcast. Cody's expertise has been featured on Business Insider, Toronto Guardian, CHCH News, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Agent Advice, Ticker News Australia and many other business publications

How are you different from other lead companies?

Great question! We’re actually NOT a lead company, “lead generation” is just one of the integral parts of what we do. We are a Done-For-You Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) service and take over all the marketing for you, so you can focus on what you do best, which is talking with future clients, doing buyer/seller presentations and showing homes.

We have proven processes for generating leads, nurturing them for life and sending you live transfers, booked appointments and even booking in person showings... And we even have trainings and scripts written by Sharran Srivatsaa to help you book more in person meetings & close more deals... If you’re truly serious about growing your business (and not just buying leads) then you’re in the right place!

What is a Live Transfer?

Fundamentally we believe that all conversion happens in conversation. How live transfers work is we either generate leads or call your database to live connect you with buyers/sellers. For example if we call someone and they are interested in a 2 bedroom, 3 bath home with a budget of $800k and with a big backyard, we would live patch you into the call so that you can have a conversation with them about their real estate needs. It is kind of like Zillow or, except you own the data.

I’ve tried other marketing companies in the past and didn’t get results. How do I know this will work?

This is a great question, because a lot of our clients have tried other things before working with us. Similar to Zillow, we have activities that are non-negotiable for our clients as we want everyone that works with us to win. Similar to hiring a personal trainer, we pair you with a dedicated systems strategist to implement what we call this our 3 To Thrive where we cover three things (Answer, Engage, Practice). Inside of 3 to thrive is:
1. A requirement that you have at least a 75% pickup rate on all live transfers

2. At least a 75% submission rate on lifetime nurture (email sprinkler, deal of the week, market updates)

3. Picking an irresistible offer that will generate real interest and reduce the risk of the prospect giving out their info

4. Tracking your KPI'S in our KPI Tracker Weekly
5. Practicing & roleplaying Sharran's scripts and objections you may face

During the pandemic we worked hard with Sharran Srivatsaa as our advisor (Current President of REAL & Former Owner of Teles Properties) in order to implement scripts that actually work to ensure our clients get more in person meetings. Sharran understands that art of what to say and how to say it, as he as actually sat in Mr. & Mrs. Jones' living room.

Is this a DIY course? Do I need to implement this myself?

No! This is not a Do-It-Yourself course that you need to learn and implement yourself.

We are a complete Done-For-You Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) & Inside Sales Agent service so we do everything for you including setting up lifetime nurture, advertising on social media and generating leads to fill your pipeline.

How much is your service? What is your pricing?

This is a loaded question and depends on quite a few different factors. Because our service is so customized and tailored to your situation, the pricing can range depending on whether you are a single agent or you have a team. This also depends on how many Inside Sales Agents you need, how many appointments you need and how much ad spend you are looking to deploy on each social media platform. We have some single agents investing $1,000 - $3,000 a month and we have teams investing $3,000 - $10,000+ per month into their businesses. This will completely depend on your goals. Best advice is to book a demo to discuss your specific situation.

Are your leads exclusive?

Yes! The leads you get from our online ad campaigns are 100% exclusive to you. When you sign on with us, we run ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube and TikTok specific to your territory and the types of clients you love.

All the leads generated from those ad campaigns are nurtured through email, text and call in order for you to get a booked appointment on your calendar or received through a live transfer call.

Do you offer circle prospecting?

Yes! We actually have a partnership with an insurance agency where we can purchase verified homeowner data and circle prospect for you around a specific listing or present your irresistible offer to book a meeting. We also use Sharran Srivatsaa's circle prospecting scripts and train our agents on how to convert them into live transfers.

Do you provide Customer Support or Help?

Absolutely! We pair you with a Dedicated Systems Strategist that you will have direct access to in slack. We also take you through a customized onboarding and check in with you on a weekly basis to ensure you are on track.

We know how frustrating it can be to pay for a marketing company that leaves you high and dry when it comes to customer support. But unlike other marketing companies that you may have tried in the past, we genuinely see ourselves as a partner in your business, so making sure you get all the support you need to get the best results out of our system is paramount.

How do I know if working together is right for me?

That’s a great question! Alignment is extremely important to us, and we love working with real estate professionals who are seriously committed to growing their businesses and vastly improving their lives.

Over the years, we’ve built a positive community of like-minded people who support each other and treat every single person they speak with, with respect and care. Our clients believe that in order to grow they must fill their pipeline with both now business and future business. We help them accomplish this.

Preserving our company culture is extremely important to us, and we would never want to push you into anything that just didn’t make sense. On your call, we can dig a little deeper in talking about whether this partnership would be a good fit.


We dial every lead and love on them until they don't want to be loved anymore or they get transferred to you. We ensure every lead is in lifetime nurture (Deal of the week, Custom Market Update & Email Sprinkler) with email and text campaigns. Our lifetime nurture campaigns were written by Sharran Srivatsaa (former CEO of Teles Properties & Current President of REAL Brokers)


This is a great question and can depend on a few factors such as your market, lead costs, your sales ability etc. That said, as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), we make sure that we work with you on a consistent basis in order to help drive results in your business. We work with you to implement our 3 To Thrive System, where we track key KPI's that help to drive results.

Here are some metrics we are seeing right now:
It’s important to note that we consistently optimize ads to ensure they are performing optimally and under these metrics.

With our newer Irresistible offers, we are seeing lower lead costs and higher conversions!

Also keep in mind that we purchase everyone a list of 1000 verified homeowners to circle prospect and we work past lists to reactivate cold leads and this helps us create fast wins for our clients too!

FB Buyer Lead Cost - Under $10

FB Seller Lead Cost - Under $20

Google Buyer Lead Cost - Under $25

Seller Buyer Lead Cost - Under $125

TikTok Buyer Lead Cost - Under $30

TikTok Seller Lead Cost - Under $60

Lead To Appointment Rate Average on FB - 7 - 20%

Lead To Appointment Rate Average on Google - 15 - 30%

Lead to Appointment Rate Average on TikTok - 10 - 40%

Cost Per Live Transfer - Between $40 - $120

Out of 10 Live Transfers - 4 - 7 are going to in person meetings with our scripts (You should have a 40-70% conversion rate)

When calling leads there are many factors that go into the percentage of call to transfer. Our agents depending on the lead source usually see between 18 - 30% conversation to transfer. If the data source is great, this can often be higher. For example many database reactivation campaigns create 3 - 5 transfers per day.

Agents That Follow Our System In Its Entirety & Commit to 3 To Thrive, Generally See Multiple Transactions Closed Within The First 3 - 6 months. That Said, As You & I Both Know Some Agents Convert at 10% and Other Agents Can Convert at 50-60%. After The Handoff Is Made We Ensure That We Listen To Your Calls To Help You Convert As Many People As Possible.

Exact numbers are relative to the specifics of each local market as every market has its variables. Your brand equity locally in the online market is also a variable


The 1st way we get leads is through the ads we will run for you on TikTok, Instagram, Google and Facebook. The 2nd way we set appointments is by calling any past list you might have from ads you have ran in the past. We find there is almost always money sitting in your database, for example we have a client Amy that gave us their "dead list" and we reactivated 5-6 people per day for the first two weeks. The 3rd way we get leads is by connecting with your title rep (only in US), this is called circle prospecting. The 4th way we get leads is by purchasing a list of 1,000 verified homeowners in your area and then we circle prospect that list to set appointments for you.


Absolutely - you can see ad examples and call recordings here:

Keep in mind that everything we build for you is custom to your brand (colours, tone, vibe). Our goal is to help you capture market share. This is why we build campaigns that are branded and exclusive to you so that you can stand out in your local market. We also pair you with a dedicated agent that will call your leads and operate as an inside sales assistant so you can do what you do best, sell homes...

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