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In Simple Terms... Here Is What We Do:

If you have a database we help you set live appointments. If you don’t have a database we help you build a database and then set you live appointments.

Who Is This Free Trial For?

Real Estate Team Leads, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers & Lenders.

You have ONLY 3 options to start the trial (you must pick one)

Do NOT book your setup call without reading through and choosing one of the options

1. Existing Database: You will have us work with your existing list/database of AT LEAST 2,000 leads generated in the past (names, emails, phone numbers). Ideally for this process to go smoothly, 2,000 - 3,000 leads is great. These are NOT past/current clients, these are leads that have not been converted or spoken to in a while that are considered cold/lukewarm.

2. Verified Homeowner Data Purchase: We want to show you how our call center qualifies and converts leads to conversations. We know once we get you leads, call them & qualify them, you are going to want to use our ISA calling services. We have a partnership with an insurance agency that can get us up to 2000 verified homeowner leads and even if you decide to not work with our ISA service afterwards, you leave with 2000 leads. We will work to call and qualify these leads into live transfers for you & send you 3 appointments for free. We can get you 2000 leads (names, emails and phone numbers) for $600.

3. The Pipeline Multiplier System

This is not a done with you or coaching program, this is a done for you ads creation & setup... We take care of the implementation of The Pipeline Multiplier System with Facebook/Instagram ads that are branded to you that will help you generate buyer/seller leads... This includes writing the advertising copy, putting together the creative and successfully launching your ads so that they are consistently generating you new leads on autopilot. This is one campaign that we will setup for you that will attract both buyers and sellers into your pipeline and the best part is it's a one time fee for the year (you can cancel anytime). This system is designed and implemented for you to help you build your database to over 1000 contacts, as we have a fundamental belief that the biggest pipeline wins. And even if you decide to not use our appointment engine system you will keep the ads as they will run inside of your ad account. Meaning you can turn off/on your ads as you please.

Are there additional fees to use The Pipeline Multiplier?

1. Ad spend & twilio (sms) fees are not included. Wish we could, but like any advertising, Facebook charges you money to advertise on their platform. In order for this to be effective you will need to spend at least $10-$15/day on ads.... Most clients spend between $500 - $1,000 per month in advertising spend.

2. Twilio (SMS) fees can range between $30 - $150/month and it's based on your usage. The good thing about Facebook, is with a good offer we can generate low cost leads, then we will show you how our call center calls, qualifies and transfers them live to you.

3. The only other fee associated with this offer is if you want to renew the CRM & Pipeline Multiplier after 1 year of service and that actually only costs $500 per year, which works out to be $41/month (which is insane for this program)

Check out ad examples here:

With the Pipeline Multiplier System you also get a 1 year access to our CRM that includes all of our drip sequences, you just need to pay for twilio (sms) fees which is a $5,000 Value! Not only will you get ads, we will also let you test drive the Sheridan St. Appointment Engine for Free & call these leads we generate for you to send you 3 appointments for free.

Sheridan St. Appointment Engine Trial FAQ

Are there any commitments for taking a part of the trial?

Simply put... NO! This is a trial offer so that we can show you exactly how our inside sales agents work and how the live transfer process works. After you first 3 live transfers you can meet with a Business Developer and talk possible next steps.

How do I know that my database is safe and secure?

Prior to going live with the trial we are happy to send you our database confidentiality agreement. Some of our clients prefer that this is signed by both parties prior to sending over the leads and that is totally fine. We can send that over prior to you sending us your CSV file of leads.

If I upload a list, how do I know my data is secure?

Every once and a while we get this question. We would be happy for both parties to sign our client database protection and confidentiality agreement. Before uploading your database to our system we can sign this.

How long does it take for the trial to start?

Once we receive your asset form it generally takes 24 - 48 hours to get everything setup with our call center. We will then work with you in slack in order to schedule a live transfer test call. This will allow us to role-play the scripts and explain how the process works before going live with calls and transfers. You will be put into queue based on the volume of trials that we have. We do not have a specific timeline for when your trial will start, as that is based on our production line.

How do we communicate during the trial?

We will set you up with a slack account. An invite will be sent to your email and all communication with be through slack where we will monitor your account and live transfers.

How do next steps work?

You will be paired with a Business Developer during your trial. You will have access to a slack channel with our team. We will setup your account after you fill out your asset form and then we will run a live transfer test call... After the live transfer test call, we will start dialing and sending you your 3 live transfers. After your trial commences, you will have the opportunity to meet and talk about the best solution for your business moving forward. We have opportunities for you to continue to use the call center, hire an ISA or even use our system in its entirety to manage branded ads that generate exclusive leads and email/text campaigns.

What do I need to do to get the trial live?

After you fill the form, you will be redirected to a form you need to fill out with information about your area and budgets so we can be successful in sending you live transfers. It generally takes 24 - 48 hours for us to get your trial live once we have all your asset info. You will then be put into a production line and we will run a live transfer test call before going live with your account.


We want to show you that the proof is in the pudding. We know that when we send you 3 transfers you will know this will work and will be dying to work with us ;)

The 3 Machines ™️ For Real Estate Business Growth

Fill The Funnel™️

We generate you geo-targeted and exclusive leads and implement The Appointment Engine™️ using TikTok, FB, Insta & Google ads to help you build brand/credibility online. We also circle prospect/dial for you to help create a multitude of 1st conversations to help you go from unknown to a known authority in the online/offline space.

Lifetime Nurture™️

We create a Lifetime Nurture™️ system for you with up to four years of automated text and email nurture, including three methods we call Deal Of The Week™️, Email Sprinkler & Market Update Nurture™️, as well as a Dedicated Inside Sales Agent To Call, Text & Email Your Leads to stay top of mind and to book appointments, send you live transfers and set in person showings.

The Conversion Model™️

We work with you to implement the Dedicated Appointment Engine in your business. We hire, onboard, train and retain a dedicated virtual sales assassin that will dial your leads to send you live transfers and book you appointments. We also manage your IDX/Property Search system in order to get you into more in person showings so that you can do what you do best, sell more homes.

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