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7 Figure Appointment Playbook: The Exact Script That Is Generating 4 - 7 In Person Meetings From Every 10 Conversations ($197 Value)

7 Figure Appointment Engine with Sharran Srivatsaa ($397 Value)

The Profitable Ads Framework: How To Generate Quality Leads & Appointments ($297 Value)

6 Minute Lead Generation: How To Generate Quality Leads In 6 Mins/Day with Sharran Srivatsaa ($297 Value)

The Perfect Follow Up Structure: How To Implement Lifetime Nurture & Be The Chosen Agent ($297 Value)

Step-By-Step Training: How To Setup & Optimize Your Google My Business To Generate Quality Leads on Autopilot ($197)

The Email Launch Calendar: The Exact Emails To Send That Get Read, Opened & Responded To ($97 Value)

The 60 Day Social Sprint: The Social Playbook That Will Help You Reach More People & Drive More Business on Social ($197 Value)

Total Value: $2073

Meet Your Program Coaches


Sharran Srivatsaa

Sharran Srivatsaa, often referred to as “one of the smartest people in real estate”, is the CEO of Srilo Capital and secret weapon behind some of the top teams and real estate companies in the world. He is also a 4x Inc. 500 Entrepreneur with 5 exits in the last 19 years including Teles Properties which he grew 10x in 5 years and sold to a Douglas Elliman. Sharran is a sought after keynote speaker and a respected thought-leadership resource for publications such as the Wall Street Journal, SUCCESS magazine, Huffington Post and Forbes. Sharran advises Sheridan St. to create a system of warm hand offs for full time and experienced real estate agents all across North America


Cody May

Cody is an expert at paid advertising, sales and communications, and coaches entrepreneurs and real estate agents on those topics. Cody’s mission is to help over 1 million entrepreneurs and real estate agents experience passion and exuberant energy in both their personal and professional lives. He is the CEO of the marketing agency Sheridan St., Co-Author of the Amazon Best Selling book “What If You Could? The Mindset & Business Blueprint for Your Life of Purpose”,

and Co-Host of the RE Agent podcast. Cody's expertise has been featured on Business Insider, Toronto Guardian, CHCH News, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Agent Advice, Ticker News Australiaand many other business publications

Have you ever felt that outbound calling or online leads simply don't work?

Well, you're right.

They won't work without the right frameworks in place.

The truth is, almost every agent faced challenges with online leads until

they adopted the Ultimate Lead & Client Framework.

Agents were trying to approach these leads as if they were referrals,

missing the mark entirely.

The Ultimate Lead & Client Framework is designed to alleviate the sales pressure

that leads feel when interacting with you.

It enables you to secure meetings without coming across as pushy or salesy.

After all, none of us wants to feel "salesy."

That's why we often rely on referrals for our business.

Moreover, this framework enhances the value you bring to your sphere of influence (SOI).

Imagine following up with someone from your SOI and having them immediately say yes to a

meeting because you positioned yourself as a knowledge broker who can provide valuable insights.

It's all within your reach.

Did you know that the national average for real estate agents'

reach-out attempts per lead is only 1.7?

However, it takes an average of 35 reach-outs to convert a lead.

The question is, what do you say? How do you keep leads engaged with you?

Everyone says you need to provide value, but what does that truly mean?

We have crafted a blueprint that reveals the secrets to successful follow-ups and

what to say to secure more in-person meetings with prospects.

When you know what to say, you can take action.

This is where many people go wrong.

Imagine trying to pull your car out of the driveway before turning on the ignition.

Or attempting to cook scrambled eggs before cracking them open.

It doesn't matter if you're doing the right things; if you're doing them at the wrong time,

you're just as doomed as if you were doing the wrong thing altogether.

And that's precisely why our sales system stands apart from other courses, books, and programs out there.

Firstly, it equips you with the exact words and techniques to reduce sales pressure.

Secondly, it reveals the key distinctions that top-performing agents employ when following up with intention.

Lastly, it draws upon the countless conversations that Sharran has had with real people.

This isn't some quick discovery or magic fix.

The words shared within this framework have been spoken by his agents in the field.

This means you’re getting access to years of in-the-trenches experience and PROVEN methods.

This is the exact methodology and framework we have taught to hundreds of our elite clients…

To not only have better conversations.

But to accelerate progress and ensure that we are converting more leads to clients.

This isn’t just theory.

This is currently being practiced in markets all across North America.

Now, I’ll reveal some of the amazing success stories of how my top clients have used this system in a minute... But first....

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join The 7 Figure Framework

When you invest in The Ultimate Sales Framework, you’ll get instant access to 11 core modules (about 20 minutes to 1 hour each) that you can go through right away. + Plus detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs of how to implement this in your business...

Along with some killer bonuses I’ll talk about in just a second.

And by the time you’re finished with the entire program…

Colleagues will be pulling you aside asking, “What’s your secret?!”

I’m serious when I say that...

Your business can be completely transformed.

Even though you have to consistently implement these frameworks and tools over the long haul to see tangible results.

If you start having conversations and following up with our Ultimate Lead & Client Framework…

You will know exactly what you need to do in order to win in this market...

And we will show you how to do it step-by-step.

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